• No discussion of bootleg recordings, audio or video. No links to PT or related material for illegally downloading. This includes links to YouTube containing footage taken at gigs.
  • No flaming or abusive behavior to other forum users.
  • Please read before posting - mutiple threads for the same subject will either be merged together or even deleted by the moderators.
  • Please familiarize yourselves with the different sections of the forum and post in the appropriate section. Yes, sometimes the boundries are blurred but for example posting something about another band or artist should obviously go in the 'Other bands' section.
  • Constructive criticism is perfectly acceptable but outright slagging off becomes tiring for us all to read.
  • Please do not post photos directly into the forum - please use links to an external site hosting the photos. Some members are using dial-up connections, have usage caps or have to pay for data downloaded.
  • Please try and keep personal conversations to email or private messages - remember, there are over 9000 people here reading what you post.
  • All posts must be in English please! Sorry if English isn't your first language but the moderators are all English and we can't moderate posts we can't read!!
  • No spamming (links to eBay auctions etc.)
  • Members that have not used their accounts for more than 500 days and have made 5 posts or less, may have their accounts subject to deletion. A message will be sent to the email address registered with the account if this happens.
  • Members signatures should be no more than 5 lines high.
  • Forum members found to be using more than one username will be banned.

In an effort to fight spam we have implemented a post moderation system.

When you register for the PTF you will initially be placed into a 'Moderated' group. For your first 5 posts and PM's (private messages) you will have to pass a CAPTCHA. Your first 5 posts will also be held for moderator approval.

Once you have made 5 posts, and they have been approved, you will be moved to the PTF Newbie group and you will no longer have to pass the CAPTCHA or have your posts approved.

Hopefully this will help combat the spam.