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Welcome to the PTF / Important: CAPTCHA and Post Moderation. PLEASE READ!
« Last post by PTF Admin on February 18, 2012, 09:59:21 PM »
In an effort to fight spam we have implemented a post moderation system.

When you register for the PTF you will be initially placed into a 'Moderated' group. For your first 5 posts and PM's (private messages) you will have to pass a CAPTCHA. Your first 5 posts will also be held for moderator approval.

Once you have made 5 posts, and they have been approved, you will be moved to the PTF Newbie group and you will no longer have to pass the CAPTCHA or have your posts approved.

Hopefully this will help combat the spam.

A few tips if you are having problems with the captcha...

Next to the words of the captcha there are three blue buttons. The top one replaces the words with two new ones. You can keep clicking on that button until you find a set of words that you can read clearly.

Alternatively the middle button enables an audio capcha. You will hear a sequence of words that you can type in instead, some may find this easier.

The bottom button gives general help and advice on the captcha system.
Welcome to the PTF / Welcome to the PTF - The unofficial Porcupine Tree Forum
« Last post by PTF Admin on February 06, 2012, 05:07:59 PM »
Hello and welcome to the PTF 2.0! This is the place for fans of Porcupine Tree to get together and chat about everything PT related and so much more!

To browse the forum and join in with the fun, you will have to register. Don't worry, it's quick and easy. Just click the register link in the menu above!

The original PTF is still available, in a read only format, at It is now open to all, you don't need to join to view the archive.

If you were a PTF 1.0 member, you'll have to re-register here. All your old posts are still online in the archive.

Once again, welcome and enjoy your time here with us!  ;D


The PTF Team
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